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Whoop, whoop... a Juggalo story.

On most weekends Byrdie and I walk up and down the Ave, seeing the sights and listening to street performers and stuff, or going to and from a diner or a theater. I'm usually wearing one of my Psychopathic shirt, or a jersey or something, and every time I get other Juggalos shouting "Whoop, whoop!!" or just calling out "What up, ninja?" or even just a simple "Awesome shirt man.". Just recently a guy was riding past on his bicycle, and when he noticed my jersey I was wearing (the hockey one with the lightning bolts)he turned his head so fast he damn near got whip lash and YELLED out a "WHOOP, WHOOP!!!!".

My point is, every time something like this happens I just get what can only be described as a big warm fuzzy in my guts. (Mmmmm, guts...) Each time it happens I just want to sit and chat with the person for a couple hours, just shoot the shit and see what's going on in their lives. Maybe even give Joe and Joey a big THANK YOU for creating this huge family that I get to be a part of. It really is an amazing thing.... it leaves me feeling blessed. Kind of like when I listen to "Homies"... I can just feel the love, like I know that there are Juggalos right behind me that got my back, even if I can't see them. Fuck man, I love that song. (All four versions)

Does anyone else have shit like this in their lives? Do you feel that magic too?
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