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Miss. Amy Elizabeth

Bitch, I'm the Sexiest Killa You Know!


Name: Amy Elizabeth.
Age: Seventeen.
Sex: Female.
Status: Taken ♥
Location: Quad Cities, Ill.
Anything You want us to know about you: I quite often can't help but count things and re-organize other peoples things.


Top 3 psychopathic artists:

Insane Clown Posse.

Top 5 (non) Psychopathic artists/bands:
(hed) p.e
Pink Floyd
Tech N9ne

Song from psychopathic: Escape Artist - Blaze
Song (non) psychopathic: Red Water - Rehab
Joker's card: Riddle Box
Faygo Flavor: Jazzin' Blue Berry [now just called blue raspberry. :( ]
Person in psychopathic: Jamie Madrox.
Color: Purple.
Movie: Alice In Wonderland, Beaches.
Psychical feature: My Eyes.
Word: Tito. [i.e. Calm Down, Tito! :P ]

[::Do you::]
Smoke Cigs: Negative.
Smoke weed: Negative.
Do Drugs: Negative.

Gay marriage: I Agree with the Ever popular Term "Love is Love." It's not religiously wrong, morally wrong, or wrong in general. Let people do their own thing and there won't be any hassle, right?

Bush: I don't really have an opinion about him. I'm not old enough to vote and, I'm not into politics at all. I think in general every President that's been elected has had his share of successes and failures.
Drugs: I don't believe in the use of drugs. You Don't need them to have a good time and, even though they might make you temporarily happy, you're in for a permanant downfall. 

Abortion: Abortion should only be acceptable if you were Raped/molested/taken advantage of and you just couldn't bring yourself to raise it because of all the bad memories surrounding it's existance. It should not by Any means be used as another form of birth control. Which I've seen some people do.

Self mutilation: I self-mutilated when I was about Fourteen. It's not a good way to relieve stress, get rid of anger or forget about the problems around you. You're still going to be depressed and, wherever you chose to mutilate is going to hurt like a bitch the next day. So, ultimately you're hurting yourself worse in the long run.

Government: In a few ways they are there to help us but, I also think that the way they go about doing things is bullshit. They ignore us when we ask for help. They deny us our basic right of free speech when they censor our music/movies/books and, also try to deny us information about the REAL problems at hand in the world. What's there to Hide?


Most special item or thing in general?
When I was about eight my dad was diagnosed with Cancer of the bone marrow. I gave him a stuffed dog and told my dad that the dog would keep him company. about two days before he died my mom brought it back with a little red bandana tied on it's neck and she told me that its name was Hickman [named after the dr. that kept him alive as long as he was.] And he said I needed it more than he did. So, he chills in my room with me now. :]

What is Your personal opinion of yourself? I got alot of issues. I'm very self-conscious, I curse alot and I'm not the best influence. I don't try and act like something I'm not because, I loathe fake people and, I generally try not to be something I can't stand. I'm doing the best I can at being me and I don't give a shit what anyone has to say about it. 

How long have you been down:? Since the end of sixth grade about 6 1/2 years ago. 

Why do you think you should be accepted? I hate questions like these because, it means I have to pull a reason why I stand out over everyone else from thin Air. I think I should be accepted because I've got a banging personality and I'm pretty funny. I tell it like it is most times and, some people have a problem with that. You've probably met a billion people like me but, a new friend never hurts, right? :P

If a hamburger and a piece of cheese had a race to see who could get to the bun faster, who'd win? The one who cheated. :P 

Pepsi or Coke? [cherry] pepsi.

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There isn't much to em as of now. I don't have access to photoshop right now but, I'll get it done. :P

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