Half-Japanese Precilla (chi_chobit) wrote in hatchet_hotties,
Half-Japanese Precilla

Bitch I'm the sexiest killa you know

Name: Precilla but I just go by cilla
Age: 20 in March
Sex: Female
Status: I got a boy
Location: TX
Anything you want us to know about you: I just had a baby a couple of months ago, he was born on Nov 5, the anniversary of the release of shangri-la. He's my lil wicked baby.
Top 3 psychopathic artists: ICP, Boondox, Twiztid
Top 5 (non) Psychopathic artists: Me first and the gimme gimmes, Tenacious D, Young Jeezy
Song from psychopathic: "Homies" the mike E clark one.
Song (non) psychopathic: At this moment ive been listening to alot of gym class heroes so "cupids chokehold"
Joker's card: The wraith
Faygo Flavor: Red pop, it stains you if you get it on but I LOVE it. ha ha. My boyfriend brings home faygo and we turn on tunnel of love and shake them up and dance in the faygo rain in our shower. 
Person in psychopathic: Violent J, hes been my favorite since i was 13. Hes so sexy.  I love big boys.
Color: Green
Movie: I really love all the star wars movies. Im a total nerd.
Psychical feature: I have really nice eyes i've been told.
Word: CUNT!

[::Do you::]
Drink: On occasion, when I have a weekend off and i have a babysitter for my son.
Smoke Cigs: Yeah on a daily, I love the menthol.
Smoke weed: I just started smoking weed again, i quit during my pregnancy and im getting back into it.
Drugs: On occasion. Most of the drugs i have done were all experimental. But occasionally I still enjoy a recreational drug here and there.
Gay marriage: Gay marriage should be legal. They are still people that just enjoy different things. They have rights too and just because everyone dosnt agree with them, it shouldnt be illegal for them to wed.
Bush: Bush....hates black people. And poor white people. AKA me. He talks alot of shit for someone who went Awol.
Drugs: They ruin lives. I cant be around people that use an overabundance of drugs. They might end up pulling me down into the addiction as well. I believe in recreational use of drugs. When habbits are formed I take a step back.
Abortion: Iv always been pro choice. I believe its the womans or couples choice. But its not MY choice. I couldnt go thrue with it, but I wont look down on anyone that does it. Its a moral decision. So im pro choice.
Self mutilation: When i was younger I used to do this. I havent in a very long time. It makes me sad to see my friends do it and I always wonder if thats how I made them feel when I did it.
Government: I dont have much to say about the government. I really think we should put Bill Clinton back in office. He kept his shit on lock down. I respect that.
Most special item or thing in general? My son. I didnt really think I would liek him until I realized how much he needed me. I hold him very dear.
What is Ur personal opinion of yourself? Im laid back but cynical for the most part. Im a smartass but im incredibly easy to get along with.
How long have you been down:? 7 years. A small number compared to some but iv been faithful to the dark carnival.
Why do you think you should be accepted? Im a juggalette and fairly easy on the eyes. Maybe not so much after a kid but I like to belive I still hold a candle to some of the other incredibly hot lettes in this community.
If a hamburger and a piece of cheese had a race to see who could get to the bun faster, who'd win? i'll say the hamburger. Have you ever accidently laid a piece of cheese on a counter, sometimes its really hard to get it up. I think the cheese would get stuck and that hamburger would use its grease as a lubricant to slide its was to that bun.
Pepsi or Coke?  Pepsi!
Show us a picture or tell us something funnyThats my 2nd tattoo I'm a big video game nerd.
Show us 2 places where you have promoted us: I promoted you guys a few times to other communities a year or so ago. But mostly I beg my lette friends to come and put in an application.
Post at least 3 pictures of yourself (you can post as many as you like,just don't go overboard.):


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