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Bitch, I'm the sexiest killa you know

Name: Lanay

Age: 18

Sex: lette

Status: engaged to be married in may.

Location: utah WOOHOO it's poppin here. soooo much to do! HA

Anything you want us to know about you: i just started this journal and want some friends on this shit.

Top 3 psychopathic artists - twiztid, icp, psychopathic rydas

Top 5 (non) Psychopathic artists- lynyrd skynyrd, pink floyd, led zeppelin, tool, slayer

Song from psychopathic: angels are falling, pass me by, c.p.k.'s, dirty lil girl. i have a lot.

Song (non) psychopathic: free bird- skynyrd

Joker's card: the amazing jeckel brothers.

Faygo Flavor: rocknrye, cream soda and red pop!

Person in psychopathic: jamie madrox

Color: pink

Movie: children of men, devils rejects, saw 1&2 but 3 was just okay

Psychical feature: smile

Word: i don't really have one..i have words i use too much but no favorites.

[::Do you::]
Drink: rarely- i don't handle my liquor very well at all. if i get drunk at a party, i'm the really annoying girl who can't find her cigarettes (or anything else for that matter) and bums your whole pack. and i know everyone hates me for it, so i try and avoid it. ha

Smoke Cigs: constantly and i hate it

Smoke weed: daily.

Drugs: not for me . i can't stand tweakers.

Gay marriage: two people should be allowed to marry if they're in love. i mean, shit, we let people get married who don't love eachother, why not let people who are actually IN LOVE?

Bush: don't get me started. i have nothing good to say about that guy.

Drugs: I really hate how weed is considered a drug. it grows out of the earth. we don't do anything to alter it, what-so-ever. yet, people judge me and cops can arrest because i smoke this plant that makes me feel good.

Abortion: i'm pro-choice. i really don't think anyone should be able to tell a woman what to do with HER body.
however, i don't feel like abortion is okay at all.
i think it's tolerable in certain situations.
such as a pregnancy resulted from rape.
but the thing is, we can't make it illegal with the exception of rape.
it would never work that way.
and what about the women too ashamed to even tell anyone they were raped?
it's not fair that they have to live with this constant reminder of something they try and forget every day.

Self mutilation: i think it's childish and has even become "trendy"
but there are a select few who truly have a problem with it.
and i really feel sorry for them.

Government: there is so much they don't tell us.
and so much that i don't even WANT to know.

Most special item or thing in general?
my kitty! i'm obsessed with that fucker.

What is Ur personal opinion of yourself?
i'm a incredibly lazy nerd.
with a poor self image 50% of the time.
and way too much hello kitty stuff.

How long have you been down:? 2-3 years about.

Why do you think you should be accepted? i think that's up to yall

If a hamburger and a piece of cheese had a race to see who could get to the bun
faster, who'd win?

Pepsi or Coke?
cherry either

Show us a picture or tell us something funny:

well i think she's funny.
she poses for the camera.
and thinks she's people.

Show us 2 places where you have promoted us:

Post at least 3 pictures of yourself (you can post as many as you like,just don't go overboard.):

yeah yeah i have a stupid mirror picture too. YAY

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