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Bitch I'm The Sexiest Killa You Know

Name: Typhoid Durden
Age: 19.
Sex: Female
Status: Taken
Location: Chi-town, Killinois
Anything you want us to know about you: I'm a straight socio, all the way around cunt. I love my hatchet and my family bar none, even them grimiest of homies. I'm a killa all day.

Top 3 psychopathic artists: Madrox, Mono, J [hands down.]
Top 5 (non) Psychopathic artists: A Perfect Circle, Korn, Godsmack, Portishead, Massive Attack
Song from psychopathic: Walls, The
Song (non) psychopathic: The Noose
Joker's card: Great Milenko
Faygo Flavor: ... ehhh Moonmist or Orange
Person in psychopathic: I don't have one.. they're my boys.
Color: Purple, green, black, red, pink.
Movie: Natrual Born Killers
Psychical feature: Eyes
Word: ... Fuck.

[::Do you::]
Drink: Yeap.. took a shot like 30 minutes ago
Smoke Cigs: Newport Hundreds, or anything else i can get my hands on..
Smoke weed: All day
Drugs: I've got my vices, you want to know. Ask.

Gay marriage: It's love.
Bush: No comment, I don't like feds.
Drugs: Your choice
Abortion: Her choice
Self mutilation: When a legitimate psychological problem, I have sympathy. When it's a sad scream for help, drop dead.
Government: .. needs some improvement

Most special item or thing in general? My growing Altar, oh yeahhhh.
What is Ur personal opinion of yourself? I've fucked up alot, I'm a liar but so is everyone else. I'm a hypocrite but so is everyone else. I'm trying to improve and things just don't seem worth it. But I'm a smart, strong, capable as fuck person. I've got my ninja by my side. And now I'm just looking for a whole new group of people to make my life. The ninjas I encountered first in my life, staaaaaaaaaaale.
How long have you been down:? uhh almost three years now.
Why do you think you should be accepted? Because I'm the mutherfucking shit, ask around.
If a hamburger and a piece of cheese had a race to see who could get to the bun faster, who'd win? cheese. it's thinner than the hamburger.. physics.
Pepsi or Coke? Pepsi, but neither really.

Show us a picture or tell us something funny:


Show us 2 places where you have promoted us:  I've promoted on my myspace. Everywhere else i go on the internet wouldn't give a shit.
Post at least 3 pictures of yourself (you can post as many as you like,just don't go overboard.):

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Can you please put this behind an LJ Cut =D thank you =D
here's the code.

♥Ms Violent K
your app wasn't behind a cut, i didn't like the short answers, and i take offense to the cheese winning because "it's thin".

fat cheese can run too.

physics honey.

logical answer to an illogical question, they're fun to do.
meat is more lean then cheese.

don't get cocky.