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Bitch I'm The Sexiest Killa You Know

Name: Typhoid Durden
Age: 19.
Sex: Female
Status: Taken
Location: Chi-town, Killinois
Anything you want us to know about you: I'm a straight socio, all the way around cunt. I love my hatchet and my family bar none, even them grimiest of homies. I'm a killa all day.

Top 3 psychopathic artists: Madrox, Mono, J [hands down.]
Top 5 (non) Psychopathic artists: A Perfect Circle, Korn, Godsmack, Portishead, Massive Attack
Song from psychopathic: Walls, The
Song (non) psychopathic: The Noose
Joker's card: Great Milenko
Faygo Flavor: ... ehhh Moonmist or Orange
Person in psychopathic: I don't have one.. they're my boys.
Color: Purple, green, black, red, pink.
Movie: Natrual Born Killers
Psychical feature: Eyes
Word: ... Fuck.

[::Do you::]
Drink: Yeap.. took a shot like 30 minutes ago
Smoke Cigs: Newport Hundreds, or anything else i can get my hands on..
Smoke weed: All day
Drugs: I've got my vices, you want to know. Ask.

Gay marriage: It's love.
Bush: No comment, I don't like feds.
Drugs: Your choice
Abortion: Her choice
Self mutilation: When a legitimate psychological problem, I have sympathy. When it's a sad scream for help, drop dead.
Government: .. needs some improvement

Most special item or thing in general? My growing Altar, oh yeahhhh.
What is Ur personal opinion of yourself? I've fucked up alot, I'm a liar but so is everyone else. I'm a hypocrite but so is everyone else. I'm trying to improve and things just don't seem worth it. But I'm a smart, strong, capable as fuck person. I've got my ninja by my side. And now I'm just looking for a whole new group of people to make my life. The ninjas I encountered first in my life, staaaaaaaaaaale.
How long have you been down:? uhh almost three years now.
Why do you think you should be accepted? Because I'm the mutherfucking shit, ask around.
If a hamburger and a piece of cheese had a race to see who could get to the bun faster, who'd win? cheese. it's thinner than the hamburger.. physics.
Pepsi or Coke? Pepsi, but neither really.

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Show us 2 places where you have promoted us:  I've promoted on my myspace. Everywhere else i go on the internet wouldn't give a shit.
Post at least 3 pictures of yourself (you can post as many as you like,just don't go overboard.):

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